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Hetalia Episode 16 Empty Hetalia Episode 16

Post  Kudo-san on Thu 17 Jun 2010, 7:42 am

Episode 16

APH Episode 16!

Aired on May 8th, it animates the strip The Story Of China And Teensy Japan, from the webcomic Extra Stories.
There were a couple of omitted scenes, and changed things in this episode. The first omission is when Japan betrays China, starting the first Sino-Japanese war. The next scene omitted was of China lamenting over how the war has changed Japan to Russia, who assures him everything will be okay, because eventually 'everyone will become one with Russia'. Somethings changed were, China introducing Japan to Tibet, not a giant panda. Also, in the original strip, Japan denies being a younger brother, instead of having hesitation to admit it.

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